Witch Palette Make-up Kit


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All GlamFrom potions to charms, witches have all sorts of ways to enchant the world around them. Perhaps one of the most intriguing, however, is glamour magic. Changing your appearance to draw people in or scare them away makes for a powerful ability. Unfortunately, according to our research, mastering glamour magic can take a lot of time. So, if you want to get a handle on that particular branch of magic, we suggest starting yesterday. But also, while you’re practicing, employ a few aids to achieve whatever glamorous ends you’re trying to make!Product DetailsThis Witch Palette Makeup Kit should make a great stand-in while you’re getting better at glamour magic. Featuring three satiny colors and a fourth glittering color, you’ll find several ways to create the look you’re after! The water activated makeup keeps both the palette and your look tidy. A small applicator brush is included in the kit so in a pinch you’ll still be able to work your makeup magic!Cast a SpellWhether you’re putting together a mysterious witch costume or want to create a bewitching high fashion face of makeup, this Witch Palette Kit has you covered. So, cast a spell this Halloween or every day when you add these bold colors to your collection!