Winter Dragon Queen Plus Size Costume for Women


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THINGS ARE HEATING UPJust because you are the queen of the north doesn’t mean that you’re expected to live in an ice palace amidst frozen creatures and magically animated snowmen. Sure, you might have beautiful silver-white hair and a pair of frozen cheekbones that could cut diamonds, but that doesn’t mean you are hard-edged or have an icy exterior. Maybe it is time to show that you’ve got a fiery side that folks weren’t expecting.Call on the favor of some old friends. You know, the ancient ones that everyone else thought were long gone. We’re sure that they’ll be willing to wing up to the north and offer up a little gleaming fire to accentuate the cool tones that are everywhere. Plus, a queen needs to have a few nice surprise allies to help her defend from any would-be dread armies that think they’re going to pretend that they own the world! Let’s just get you garbed in regal readiness! DESIGN & DETAILSFeel like the queen that you truly are when you slip yourself into this icy-white Winter Dragon Queen costume. This lovely coat came to our designers from one of our favorite fantasies and we can’t wait to give you a chance to live out your own dreams with this high-quality look. The coat is full-length with long sleeves and constructed shoulders. It has a rippling weave of white and taupe minky fabric and fastens with metal snaps at the chest. The silver chain has large links and crosses your body from shoulder to waist. SO PRETTY YOU COULD SINGYou’ll be ready to let everything go when you raise your arms and let the magic soar with this Winter Dragon Queen look. Neither wall, nor lion, nor army of frosty monsters will stop you with this elegant coat and your secret friends.