Wine and Cheese Costume


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Are you and your partner looking for some extra-fancy dress, or the perfect fit for a classy get-together? We’ve been told that the best way to make a good impression at a tony party is to bring along a tasteful wine and cheese pairing. And we don’t see how anybody could do better than this hilarious costume set, which lets everyone know just how much you and your partner hope they enjoy the hors d’oeuvres!It’s a great option for people who feel more confident cracking a snappy joke than remarking on a special vintage. And let’s be honest: isn’t drinking a bottle of champagne way less fun than shaking it until the cork shoots out like a cannonball? People are always going on about the finer things in life, but sometimes it seems like they have some really mixed-up priorities!The yellow cheese wedge is served on a pair of suspenders with its own special knife, since some people consider it poor manners to assume the host will provide one. And because couples costumes are always better with a little double entendre on the side, the Cabernet tunic comes with a realistic label detailing its risque provenance!Surprising the other guests in these goofy costumes is a great way to lighten the mood of a party, much like sharing an actual snack and sipping libations. So if you really want to break expectations, you could wear your wine and cheese and bring it, too!