Wildcat Stencil and Makeup Kit Water Activated


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Pouncing on the PartyWhen it comes to having a good time, you’re always ready. You’re never caught unaware. Not only are you ready, but you also slink up to an occasion like you’re stalking your prey. You plot your attack. You find out where the party is. What kind of affair is it going to be? What kind of music will people be dancing to? Because that will decide whether you’re rocking a floor length skirt, a jumpsuit, or a little dress. That kind of planning is the kind of thing that’ll make you a natural candidate to become a cat at your next costumed affair. Of course, you’re ready for that as well. Or you will be once you’ve got a wildcat makeup stencil kit like this one on your hands.Product DetailsThis kit is ready to make your cat features quite lovely. Create feline spots with a precision stencil. White, black, and gold cream makeup that can be applied with the included brush. Create a dramatic cheetah eye to make your look complete. Paired with a number of cat costumes, this makeup will make your catlike look complete. Get your claws into Halloween with class when you go feral and feline this year!