Wild Cat Women’s Hero Costume


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The Wild Cat HeroSo we’re hearing that this super villain situation is really getting out of control. Yeah. we’re thinking we need the Wild Cat Warrior to get over here to save the day. We need her to zip over from a secret city in Africa, and to bring all of her high-tech gear to whoop some bad guy butt. Like her high-tech power suit! We haven’t seen any signs that she’s arrived yet, but luckily, we’ve got a copy of the suit, and while it doesn’t come with amazing superpowers, it will have you looking just like her. It’s this Women’s Wild Cat Hero Costume. Think you’re ready to suit up?Costume DetailsThis bodycon suit will have you shaping up to be one heckuva woman warrior. It comes in a wet-look black finish, with scintillating silver accents. The silver is featured in a band around the high collar, in the midsection to look like a belt, and with silver striping accents, too, for further style. When you suit up in this costume, we have no doubts that you’re going to be just as fierce as the real Wild Cat herself!Costume FunYou might have noticed, but we are all about costume fun here at Team HalloweenCostumes, it is kind of our gig after all! And probably our favorite theme will always be superheroes and saving the day. Never miss an opportunity to save the day is practically one of our mottos! Whether it’s this women’s superhero costume or one of our many other selections, we’re sure you’ll be extra heroic on Halloween when you choose a powerful style. Shop our entire selection to make sure you see all the premiere choices!