Wicked Ringmaster Men’s Costume


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A Sinister SpotlightThere’s a big top lingering in the abandoned field at the edge of town. There are no advertisements on the bulletins boards and telephone poles around town but you can hear the music and smell the if you drive the backroads after sunset. We haven’t heard anything about the show. We don’t know what goes on under the mysterious striped canvas of the tent. Perhaps that’s because anyone who goes in to see the show never comes out! Are you ready to run the scariest show in town? We’re a little nervous to see what atrocious attractions you’ll come up with. That being said, no matter how creepy the clowns or eerie the acrobats, we have to imagine that the scariest part of the show will most likely be none other than this Wicked Ringmaster!Product DetailsThis Wicked Ringmaster costume has everything you need to bring a nightmarish performance to life! Featuring a long jacket with tails, shoulder tassels, and a striped vest front, you’ll feel right at home in the spotlight. Of course, it’s a formal occasion, so the silky neckties sets off the jacket just right. The classic coat and tie are accessorized with an eerie, curling top hat as well as a mask that’s sure to stop onlookers in their tracks!The Show Must Go OnAre you ready to start the show? You can complete this costume with black gloves, a prop whip or scepter, and a maniacal laugh to get your ringmaster character off to the right start. This costume is a great option for group costumes when paired with evil clowns, bearded ladies, and twisted acrobats but it’s also rather unsettling on its own. Whether you’re setting up a one-man act or you’ve got a whole troop, this costume is sure to inspire a show that no one will forget!