White Women’s Polka Dot Gogo Boots


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Take It to Go-goAre you ready to slip into the club scene of the sixties? Well, let’s see. Can you jive to any song that comes onto the radio, no matter have funky the beat? Have you ever tried to straighten your hair with an iron and an ironing board? Do you have a deep-down sense of joyful energy that can last until sunrise? Well, now that we look back on these statements, we’re noticing that’s a little much to ask. Perhaps what you need to do is slip into these colorful go-go boots to get into your sixties clubbing personality!Product DetailsThese low heels will let you dance all night without twisting an ankle while providing three inches of height for an extra touch of glamour. The shining faux leather boots really pack a punch. Just under knee-high, they zip up the inner leg and have bright polka dots along the outer side of the calf. Mod SquadAre you ready for your sixties style to flourish? These bright white boots will make all sorts of sixties styles pop. Matching with A-line dresses, mini skirts, and all sorts of radical outfits, these boots can be worn to all sorts of events from parties to sixties themed events to complete your mod transformation!