White Rabbit Costume for Men


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The Rabbit gameAh, so the rabbit game is afoot. We feel you, and we understand the situation. So, let’s review the requirements. First, you’re going to need to be a bunny. A rabbit, a hare, oryctolagus cuniculus. Bold, big ears, with white and fur. That’s the easy part! You’re also going to need all the style of a deliciously debonair outfit. These important pieces include a jacket, vest, and cravat. Oh, and a top hat would be simply sublime, too!Well, fact of the matter is, we’ve got it all covered. As long as you suit up in this men’s White Rabbit Costume! Bunny ears? Check. Jacket and vest? Check. Top hat? Check! It’s all included. The clock is sold separately, but it’s an easy addition to your shopping cart. When you suit up in the whole ensemble, you too will be ready for a magical adventure. So, go on, what are you waiting for? Get yourself into this costume!Design & detailsCreated right here in our own HalloweenCostumes.com studios, we’ve created this Men’s White Rabbit Costume so you can take care of all your bunny business this Halloween. It comes with a jacket, pants, vest, headpiece, bow tie, and a pair of gloves. All the pieces you’ll need for a fun and whimsical costume transformation!And this costume has the details that matter. The long tailed jacket has a bunny tail attached in the back. Perfect! The headpiece/hat makes it look like rabbit ears are poking through. And lovely floral patterns on the tie, vest, and hat trim add a touch of elegance that’s basically a requirement for any important hare. Take careTake care of your entire party group right here at HalloweenCostumes.com. We’ve got costumes to outfit everyone! A female accomplice might require a light blue dress, and we’ve got ’em. Or, some tricksters in your group might like to dress up as a caterpillar or a cat. Well, we’ve got costumes for them, too. We’ve got all the styles your group could need, so check out our selection, and get ready for some fun!