Werewolf Nose for Adults


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a Nose for ChaosThink you’ve got a wild side? Let’s see if you do. Simply answer a few of these questions. No, not out loud, just be honest with yourself. Okay, one… how do you react when you see the full moon? Does your heart jump? Do you have an intense desire to stop what you’re doing and just look? Okay, question two. This one is more sensitive, just so you know. After staring at the full moon do you ever find yourself in a disheveled state, sleeping under a bush with a dead rabbit in the morning? If you said yes to both of these questions then you are not only wild but you are without a doubt a werewolf. You probably need to turn yourself in to show that they’re real after all. Or you could dress your friends up as werewolves and show them what the wild lifestyle is all about. Start where it counts with a vicious werewolf nose!Product DetailsThis werewolf nose is made of a molded latex to make you look like your face is wrinkled in a snarl. The dog-like schnozz can be applied with spirit gum. The package has more instructions on how to perfect your look. One thing’s for certain, this werewolf craze is nothing to sniff at!