Wax for Modeling


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Get the SpecificsHere at the office, we like to say, “Details maketh the costume.” We have lots of examples of this. If you’re dressing up as royalty, you don’t necessarily need a crown, but it makes you a lot more identifiable. And when it’s made of something nicer than noodles and glitter, it looks even better. (Unless, of course, you’re the queen of Macaroni and Glitter Land. Then go for it!) Any fighting character costume is much more convincing when you have a sword. And any girl trying to get home to Kansas is a lot more recognizable with red shoes.Product DetailsSo what are you going to do when you need to get rid of your eyebrows or sprout some fresh skin bumps? Put down the razor and pick up this Modeling Wax! It’s also great for smoothing out the edges of any prosthetic pieces you might be using. After all, a mouse costume is much better with a mouse nose, and you’ll need some fake bites to make your zombie look realistic!All the Gory DetailsIf you want to try some temporary body modification, you might need this Modeling Wax. It will help you bring those small but important details of your costume to life!