Walking Plush Doll – Beetlejuice Tiny Terror


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It Still Works!Alright, we get it. Your Lydia Deetz costume would feel more impactful if Beetlejuice could join you. But your friends don’t want to dress like Beetlejuice. And everyone keeps telling you to leave Beetlejuice in the netherworld. But look here! It seems using his name 3 times still summons the pest right to us—now you can’t be blamed for him hanging around. You’re welcome. Since he has already talked our ears off in the few short moments he’s been top-side, we’re more than happy to share his company.Product DetailsBring Beetlejuice along for your Halloween fun with this Beetlejuice Tiny Terror accessory. This stuffed-demon combines everything you love about Beetlejuice, like his unique striped suit and fluffy hair, into one silent package! You won’t be worrying about the netherworld resident offending any costume party guests since his yellowed-teeth and staring eyes are nothing more than a printed image on his wide, pale face; we assume he’s still recovering from that witch doctor’s magic.Tiny CharmSure, the Beetlejuice of 1988 was a pretty gnarly character. But he had some charm lurking (deep) below the surface. Your friends and family may not love his sense of humor and morbid demeanor, but you’re a fan. So, go ahead and invite Beetlejuice home with this Beetlejuice Tiny Terror!