Voodoo Witch Wig for Women


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Oh boy. We just saw this whole voodoo thing on a web video. It was scary. It was intense. It was… oh buggers, we really don’t want to talk about it, but we will say that it inspired us to make this Voodoo Witch Wig. Anything else you wanna talk about instead of Voodoo?Okay, fair enough, you’re here for a sweet costume, and we’re here to hook you up, so you know we created this elite wig to go along with our women’s Voodoo Witch Costume. With a truly signature style, this wig is sure to be just the thing you need to complete the costume set, or to create your own unique look!This wig features two hair tone colors, along with thick dreadlocks, cord wraps, and even attached feathers. We’re sure when you use this wig to complete your costume, you’re going to have a serious, real-deal look. Just don’t go trying to do any real Voodoo. Remember this is all just supposed to be Halloween fun!!