Voodoo Skeleton Girl’s Costume


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Does your child have an upcoming Halloween dance? In this world of princesses, bumble bees, and general bubbly sweet characters your child can bring back the true spirit of Halloween. No one really knows where we started to go astray. Halloween began as a way to scare spirits back to where they belong. All this cuteness is probably looking pretty enticing, if we’re not careful we’ll have a planet full of ghosts hanging out and admiring our modern fabrics and fashion innovations. There’s no doubt that it’s much more fun to celebrate the scary side of things on Halloween. Pink dresses and cute ensembles can be worn at any time of the year but it’s only every so often that a girl can wear that skeleton wear. This Voodoo skeleton packs a lot of power. It’s easy for your daughter to feel commanding when she’s rocking this fancy red and black coat with tails, skull detailing, and a layer of ruffles. Everyone respects coat tails. The full skirt with its bayou flair will make busting a move and trick-or-treating extra fun, talk about twirl factor! Those princesses will be shaking in their royal shoes when they see the skeleton printed tank and leggings, paired with the top hat she’ll have people humbly asking her for a vial of that precious potion number 9. Whether your daughter uses her Voodoo charms for good or evil is really up to her but you might want to confiscate that snakeskin in her potion supply cabinet just in case, give that school bully a chance to grow out of their funk before they’re turned into a frog. While other people might be afraid of the dark you and your daughter know that it’s hard to appreciate the light without shadow. Celebrate the season and do that Voodoo for a spell!