Vintage Pierrot Clown Costume for Women


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Sad clown? Oh no, no, no, not anymore. There is nothing sad about you and you’re about to prove it to the world. The archaic stereotypes associated with Pierrot clowns are about to be destroyed by no one other than YOU.Trust us, we don’t want to give you a history lesson because it’s not our intention to put you to sleep, but way back in the day Pierrot clowns were the butt of jokes. And girl, that is just not you and it’s not what the sensitive jokesters stand for anymore. The clown community is counting on you to make the change!Once you’re dressed in this vintage Pierrot clown costume, just exude your usual confidence and the antiquated stigma will start fading away. Anyway, it will be difficult not to feel bold when you’re dressed in a pair of sassy overall-style suspender shorts. The ruffled shirt adds some texture to the ensemble, while the ruffled collar provides necessary old-fashioned detail. Hike up the striped leggings (which will elongate your legs) and plop the pom-pom decorated hat on your head and you’re ready to transform the Parisian streets into your own personal catwalk. Pierrot clowns of the past will be grateful that you’ve single-handedly changed their public image. When you look this stylish, it’s impossible not to make a statement!