Vampire Cane Accessory


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Vampires are well written about thanks largely to their perfect mix of fear and fascination. They are noble and monstrous, regal and revolting. Sure, they want to drink blood but also seek to maintain a high lifestyle while doing so… even if they have given up true life a long, long time ago. So, after they have worked hard to achieve their perfect look in elegant attire and the perfect hair style or well-sharpened canines, the real royal vampire knows that they are not yet done. For, one fact remains true whether you are among the living wealthy or the undead aristocracy: the accessories make the attire!But, do not fret. We have precisely the Vampire Cane that you need to complete your devilish look. This cane comes in two pieces and is made of strong plastic, easily assembled into its full 33” length. Its head features a gray and black skull in the midst of a horrific scream while it stares at your potential dinner with its brilliant red faux gemstones set into the eyes of the skull. Ornate carvings make up arcane marks across the skull, leaving your enchanted victims wondering what magic might lay hidden within the potent-looking accessory. But, whether they find out what powers you truly have is entirely up to you!