Valiant Knight Silver Sword & Shield Weapon Set


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When your neighborhood erupts into a brutal battlefield, how will you react? Will you cower under your kitchen table, or will you take up arms and soar onto the battlefield like a beautiful Valkyrie of Norse legend? Yeah, the second options seems way better. Who wants to sit on the bleachers when there’s a whole army of enemies to face in combat? Of course, you’re going to need a reliable weapon to deal the finishing blow to your foes and you’re going to need a sturdy shield to block enemy attacks!Okay, so maybe this Valiant Knight Sword & Shield combo might not exactly protect you from the vicious blows of a real battle, since it’s just a toy. It does, however, let you gain the appearance of a valiant warrior from a distant land filled with fantasy, magic, dragons and convoluted plot lines. If you’re a LARPer, then it adds that extra zing to your outfit. And if you just like toy swords and shields, well, then this pair is everything you could ask.