Valentines Cupid Kit


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The Power of LoveLove has done some crazy things throughout the years. In the early 2000’s a young man bought a URL just to find his missed connection from a New York train. It worked! They dated for a whole two months. Or there was that time that a NASA intern stole moon rocks from a lab and used them to woo his new girlfriend. He got caught but his romance will now go down in history. Then there’s the basic calling after a drink too many and double (or triple or quadruple) texting late at night. As you can see, many of these things we do for love have absolutely no chill. But at least we’re not launching a thousand ships (looking at you, Helen of Troy). Product DetailsLooking to spread the love in a fail-safe way? While we can’t promise this costume will make people fall in love with you, it’ll surely make the people around you happy! This set is an easy way to get into a Cupid state of mind. It features a “Be Mine” sash and a red, fluffy tutu. The look is topped off with golden wings to make sure people know you’re coming with a message from cloud nine.