Unicorn Women’s Costume


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You Do U-nicornYou know what really gets our goat? People who think unicorns are a “kid thing.” Um…hello! It’s a horned horse infused with healing magic, impossible to tame and symbolic of positive, mystical vibes. They are obviously real…and awesome! It really bugs us. As far as we’re concerned, we’re ready to make the unicorn our office mascot, that’s how cool we think they are (unfortunately, HR is making us jump through lots of hoops, so it doesn’t look hopeful).We say: let the haters hate! We know that unicorns are beloved by believers young and old. Not that we’re the authority on what’s cool, or anything, but we do know a LOT about costumes—and trust us, unicorn garb is flying off the proverbial shelves! Snatch up this Women’s Unicorn Costume, strut your stuff, toss your mane, and get on the horn to everyone you know about just how unique and rare a creature you really are! YOLO!Product DetailsIf your pals didn’t believe in unicorns before your costume party debut, they certainly will once they see you in this gorgeous getup. The dress’ fitted bodice appears strapless, thanks to translucent straps, and the corset lacing detail adds interest. A colorful tulle skirt layers on ethereal style, while faux fur accents, pom poms, leg warmers, and a hood turn you into a white and whimsical unicorn! Given the horn on the hood and your magical allure, you won’t need anything else to complete your transformation from mere mortal to majestic unicorn!Never Myth a BeatDecked out in this dazzling unicorn costume, you’re showing that you’re tuned in and turned up for a fabulous holiday. And don’t let anyone tell you unicorns are for kids—those are the kinds of sad people who also don’t’ believe in leprechauns, fairies, vampires, witches, or fun. And that’s not the kind of people you want around your mystical aura, now is it? Just neigh and walk away!