Unicorn Pants for Women


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Fairytale TrousersCongratulations! We can see that your transformation into a fairytale legend is well underway and you’re so close to calling yourself a certified unicorn. An iridescent and pointy horn has grown in nicely on your forehead and a beautiful (and fluffy) pair of Pegasus wings have sprouted from your back. Even your tresses have changed color. Your once traditional hair has morphed into an eye-catching cotton candy color. (We’re so jealous, by the way!) You’re almost able to stop calling yourself a human and start referring to yourself as a unicorn queen. All you need is this pair of women’s unicorn pants.Product DetailsPerfect for all shapes and sizes, these all-white pants will complete any unicorn costume that you’re assembling. The faux fur & flannel pants have a comfortable elastic waist and a flexible tail fastened to the back. Hoof shoe covers are attached to the cuffs and the calves are stuffed to give you the leg shape of a magical mare. Enchanted ExtrasThis costume is great for assembling your very own unique unicorn costume. Make sure you’re the most whimsical woman at any celebration by picking up a sparkle embellished corset, feathered wings, a pastel-colored wig, and a pair of crisp white heels.