Uncle Sam Giant Plush Hat


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Oh Say Can You SeeWhat’s more American than apple pie? Why, making crazy fashion trends mainstream, of course! Think of all of the awesome fads we’ve seen over the years: side ponytails, shoulder pads, barcode tattoos, rolling sneakers (let’s bring those back!) No one does this better than good old Uncle Sam. His blue three-piece suit is snazzy, of course, but its his famous stovepipe hat that really pulls the outfit together. It’s as though he woke up one morning and thought, “Hmm, the American flag is great on a flagpole, but what if I could BE the flagpole?” It’s that kind of innovative thinking that the US of A does so well!Product Details We want YOU…to wear this amazing hat! America’s favorite uncle sure knows how to dress the part. Show your love for the Stars and Stripes in this Giant Uncle Sam Plush Hat. Its soft velour material and size adjuster built into the hatband make this a wear-all-day kind of accessory. The purple mountains’ majesty and amber waves of grain have never seen anything like this patriotic stovepipe-style headgear!