Twizzlers Dress Costume for Women


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Twizzle onTwizzle on, our fellow candyheads! What’s your favorite thing about Twizzlers? Is opening it the full package of candy strands to share with your friends? Is it the delicious Strawberry flavor? Is it biting off the ends of a Twizzler to use it as a straw in a Coke? Hey, whatever reason you like ’em, you like ’em, and it’s super cool with us. But, now it’s time to take your Twizzlers superfan status to the next level! That’s right, slip on this Women’s Twizzlers Dress Costume, and you can be your favorite candy for Halloween.Product DetailsThis Twizzlers Costume is about as easy as they come! It comes with a graphic printed dress. The dress features the packaging design of Twizzlers. At the top of the dress, foam candy Twizzler ends are attached for a 3D effect. Just attach the plastic headband with attached decorative Twizzlers design and you’ll be good to go. An easy and fun costume choice, this style works great for Halloween parties, parades, and anywhere else you’d like to show up and be sweet!How to Wear itAll you’ve got to do to wear this Twizzlers Women’s Costume is to slip on the dress. Of course, you’ll want to think about what you’re wearing underneath it for the coverage and style you’d like. For a natural look, you may want to choose a sports bra and pair of bike shorts to stay super comfy the whole time you’re in costume. If you’d prefer a Twizzlers costume with more coverage, just look at one of our white or black bodysuits, or use your own long sleeve and leggings combination. However you choose to wear this costume, we’re sure you’ll be super cute. And, obviously, super sweet!