Twizzlers Costume for Kids


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Trick or Treat? More Like Twisty Treat!Who doesn’t recognize this iconic red treat? The spiraling strands of chewy sugar, bright red and strawberry flavored, ready to be bit into or untwisted! There’s something fun about playing with your food, and Twizzlers is a fun treat to play with. But what if you could pretend to be your favorite treat? This Halloween, little candy lovers can dress up as “the twist you can’t resist” in this Kids Twizzlers Costume! Don’t worry; no flexibility is required to twist around in this getup! Just slip it on, and your child is ready to rob the neighbors of all their candy, be it Twizzlers or other sweet treats.Product DetailsThis is a pretty straightforward take on a Twizzlers costume. The back of the costume is a simple red, until the wearer twists around to reveal the classic Twizzlers package design! It looks just like it would when pulled off of a shelf at the grocery store, only much larger. (If only Twizzlers really came in this size!) We can dream on with this look-alike tunic. The bottom is completely open, so any pants or other legwear will easily fit. At the top, fabric Twizzlers poke out around the head hole, as if the bag has just been ripped open. Wear with black clothes to blend in, or dress in red to pretend the arms are actual Twizzlers, too!A Twist of FunKids are sure to have a blast running around in this classic 1929 candy package costume. For good measure, maybe hand out Twizzlers to trick or treaters at your door this year. Why should kids have all the fun, right? Check out our other candy inspired outfits if you feel like getting sweet this Halloween, too!