Try Again Women’s Popstar Costume | 90s R&B Costumes


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Dust it Off and Try AgainDid you grow up listening to nineties music on the radio? Perhaps you were one of those kids who filmed themselves recreating music videos. And maybe, just maybe those videos got uploaded to Youtube. And perhaps they are rather embarrassing to look back on now that you’re grown. But here’s the thing, the music is still great. And now that you’re a better-coordinated adult with the means to hook yourself up with nineties music video inspired costumes, maybe it’s time to dust yourself off and try again. Slip into the superstar mode that you always knew would come naturally when you order this sleek ensemble!Product DetailsDress as a favorite R&B artist of the late 90s and early 2000s when you order this stunning costume. You’ll be inspired to pull off some top-notch 90s music video moves when you’re wearing this sparkly bikini-style top. Pair it with the faux leather pants with a matching sparkly belt and the iconic rhinestone choker and you’ll be ready to step into your new superstar persona. Play It AgainThere’s something about nineties R&B that makes people want to listen to the songs they know on repeat. This music is old enough to get a cocktail and we’re still listening to them like they’re the tops songs of the summer. This smooth voices and laid back beats just can’t be beaten! Why fight your love of the genre at this point? Lean into your love of the music and slip into this stunning Try Again costume. Perfect for nineties-themed events and Halloween parties, R&B fans will immediately recognize you from one of their favorite music videos. Now, whether you can recreate some of those moves or you’re going to make up some of your own is up to you!