Trolls Lady Glitter Sparkles Women’s Costume


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Best Date EverIs there anything better than a makeover scene? What about a makeover scene that’s followed up by a show-stopping date with a king? Now that’s movie magic. Now, Bridget might be a lowly maid but that won’t stop her from going after her Cinderella moment when she gets the chance. And boy, she has a lot more fun than Cinderella did at that dusty old ball. She goes to an arcade, chows down on pizza, and really lets loose at the skating rink. Basically, she makes sure that her royal date never forgets Lady Glitter Sparkles! Do you want to embrace Bridget’s go-get-’em lifestyle? You’re just one colorful costume away! Now all you need to do is figure out how to strut your stuff in platform heels!Design & DetailsThis fully-licensed costume from Trolls is Made By Us which means our creative team put plenty of tender love and care into the design. The featured jumpsuit has a bright checkered pattern and is padded around the hips to achieve Lady Glitter Sparkles’ unique figure. A purple shirt will give you Lady Sparkles’ purple hue while four-fingered mitts and a colorful wig complete her Bergenville-shocking look. Complete this costume with platform heels and purple costume makeup and you’ll be ready to step out in style!Queen on the SceneThere’s more than one way to climb the social ladder in Bergenville, but most of the residents choose to be nasty. Chomping on trolls and reveling in the gloomy side of life. Nah, that’s just not Lady Glitter Sparkles’ way. Kindness, color, and light come to her naturally. While that attribute may have held her back and made her feel rotten in the past, it’s about time that her colorful personality was allowed to shine. In fact, it’s about time that her colorful personality earned her a crown, once and for all!