Trolls Adult Biggie Costume


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Larger Than LifeThere are a lot of big-hitting characters in troll culture. Some of the trolls are literally made of glitter. Poppy is willing to break into song at a moment’s notice. Sometimes multiple songs at once. But Biggie really knows how to devote himself. His companion, Mr. Dinkles, doesn’t say much but he’s earned a lifetime of allegiance from a sweet yet powerful troll that really knows how to throw his weight around, should the need arise. Biggie is the kind of fella anyone would want as a friend. It’s not only about his sweet sort of protection. He’s also a lot of fun! He’s always taking portraits of his wormy buddy and now he knows to add extra glitter for more flair! And of course, like all the pop trolls, he really knows how to croon a tune. Want to take on this larger than life character? Becoming Biggie is easier than you might think!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us fully-licensed Biggie costume from Trolls features a soft jumpsuit with attached purple shorts and vest. The hips are padded to create Biggie generous figure. The back of the suit zips up to make it easy to change into this look. Four-fingered gloves and shoe covers that strap onto whatever shoes you decide to wear complete your blue hue. A foam nose that straps to your head with an elastic band will finish your face while a blue wig with large ears tops the whole look off!Key to the BluesIt’s strange that Biggie doesn’t sing the blues instead of pop music. Maybe there’s some kind of bluesy troll suburb of the Folk or Funk areas of the Trolls map. Be sure and pair this costume with a little blue makeup and Biggie’s best gummi worm friend to make this larger than life troll come to life!