Toy Soldier Costume Drum


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heed the callBom-ba-ba! Hear that? It’s the call to come and protect the kingdom! The toy soldiers are here to protect the china dolls and stuffed bunnies of the playroom. There might be a rat king lose, looking to terrorize the innocents. Or maybe it’s a battalion of stuffed bears powered by an older brother. Either way, the tin soldiers will take care of the situation!product detailsYou’ll be needed to call them into the fold with this Toy Soldier Drum. This cool toy drum comes with sticks and a cord to wrap around your body. It’s approximately eight inches tall, so you can count on it drawing a few eyeballs your way when you’re tapping it on your trick-or-treating route. Who knows, if you drum hard enough, you could recruit the whole family! stand at attentionPlaying toy soldier will be even more fun if you’ve got a whole garrison! Kids will love marching around the living room in an amped up version of Simon says. With a toy this sleek, you’ll be able to cook up a fail-safe plan of attack for trick-or-treating this year!