Tough Boxer Girl’s Costume


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Punch Like a GirlWhen girls hear things like “you throw like a girl,” or “you run like a girl,” that should be a compliment! They ARE girls, and they are doing their best. And their best is pretty darn amazing! The same is true in the traditionally male-dominated sport of boxing. While wrestling as a sport has been around for hundred of years, women in the ring have come into their own in the last century. From Japan to Australia to the United States, women compete for audiences of millions. And millions do turn in, because this sport is seriously awesome, no matter who you’re cheering for! Do you have a wee boxing fan in your house? Set her up for a perfect KO with this Girl’s Tough Boxer Costume!Product DetailsThis costume really packs a punch when it comes to combining boxer style with girl power! Pink and black work together in all the details. The shorts and tank top have pink edging, while the shorts have an additional boxing glove graphic on one leg. The hooded pink robe is hemmed in black and is made of a silky polyester. It also features a graphic of “Tough Girl Fight Squad” on the back. And we can’t forget the most important piece, the pink and black boxing gloves! These close with hook & loop fasteners on the wrists. They also have a secret opening on each palm for the fingers to poke out, giving your child a wider range of hand motions. The shoes are not included, but any black or pink tennis shoe will do! Get in the RingIt’s your child’s turn to be in the spotlight. She’ll be ready for the ring, the party, or for trick or treating in this dynamite boxing outfit!