Toddler Trolls Guy Diamond Costume


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Twinkle Twinkle Little Troll Baby hugs are the best hugs! Even if it’s just an excuse to wipe off sticky fingers, getting a hug from a little one is the best way to brighten your day. Enjoy it while it lasts! Once he becomes a teenager, you might be getting more fist bumps than snuggles. For now, though, the Snack Pack’s most huggable Troll is the perfect costume pick for your own toddler love bug.If your little one is a huggable sweetie, we bet he will love this Guy Diamond costume! His bubbly personality will steal the show as he glams his way to the center of attention, just like Queen Poppy’s friend and Snack Pack member Guy Diamond. No need for a vest or pants like the rest of the trolls, because why cover up your best feature? Guy Diamond’s natural glitz will make it easy to spot your little one anywhere he goes. Plus, it’s just one more excuse to enjoy your child’s bear hugs!Product Details Your toddler will be the life of any party in this officially licensed Trolls Toddler Guy Diamond costume! This silvery, shiny, 100 percent polyester bodysuit is perfect for showing off all of your little party animal’s best dance moves and wiggles. The electric green nose attaches via an elastic that wraps around his head, making it easy to wear. The big silver gloves are easy to put on and take off, and they are fantastic for jazz hands. Shiny boots complete the appearance of silver skin and make dressing a snap. When he adds Guy Diamond’s signature shock of bright white hair, your little one will be set to jam and jive his auto-tuned best!Shake Your Glitter ThingEvery party or playdate he attends will be memorable when your toddler wears his Guy Diamond costume! Prepare for compliments on your silvery party animal whose natural bubbliness and sense of fun are unbeatable. We bet he’ll love showing off his shiny self with some signature dance moves of his own.