Toddler Sly Fox Costume


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On the SlySly. Sneaky. Mischievous. We love a good synonym for a good sneak. Is mischief your little ones’ name? Is she able to tip-toe past the sofa, past the snoozing dog, slide across the laminate floors to the cookie jar without anyone noticing she’s there? Does she love sauntering through sunny meadows and wooded glades? Her sneaking skills will surely be handy to have if she’s looking to escape bath time or, dare we say, curfew. There’s no doubt that if your little one was a wild animal, she’d make a great fox. Those little things are the slyest animals in the kingdom. Gallivanting in the wilderness as a fox would be fun, don’t you think? First, their little habitats are the coziest: tiny dens dug for their kits, full of blankets and soft lighting and snacks. Ah, yeah, sounds good.Design & DetailsThe easiest way to up one’s sneak game is by slipping into this exclusively designed Toddler Sly Fox Costume. The rusty orange jumpsuit has a soft patch of white faux fur on the chest and rust faux fur accents at the wrists, ankles, and neckline. The tail is full and fluffy with a white tip at the end. To tie it all together, it comes with a furry ear headband. Best yet, it’s one of our Made By Us costumes, so you can sleep well knowing the whole thing was made with care by our in-house designers. You’ll be able to worry less about costume quality and more about where all the cookies are disappearing to!