Toddler Lady Bug Cutie Costume


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One of these days we are going to recognize lady bugs for who they really are and not what the Asian beetles have convinced us of. Hopefully it’s soon too because we think we’re starting to hurt their feelings. Lady bugs get a bad rep ever since the Asian beetles all came over here and took over our world. Those guys are absolutely everywhere and nobody wants any part of them. They only look kind of like their counterparts but cause much more harm by far. While Asian beetles hurt us and smell absolutely awful, ladybugs kind of stay out of our way and eat aphids that can really harm our plants. If you’re a gardener at all, you’ll love these little bugs just for that reason, but if that’s not enough for you then just take a look at how cute their colors are. The strangest thing about them though? Ladybugs may have the word “bug” in them but they are also beetles and not bugs. Kind of like Jellyfish except one heck of a lot cuter, and we promise, they don’t bite or sting or smell! You need a cute little love bug (beetle) this Halloween? Your toddler will love this Lady bug costume that comes complete with wings, tutu dress, and springy antenna headband! Don’t worry though, since she’s actually a beetle you don’t have to worry about her bugging you everywhere you go. She’ll just want to stop and smell the flowers a little more often and hopefully not try to eat any of the little aphids sitting on the leaves. It’d take a lot to fill up this insect.