Toddler Girl costume Belle Ride On




The Ride of a LifetimeHurry, Philippe! The villagers are after the Beast and you have to go and warn him!If your little one loves—no adores—Beauty and the Beast, then she will absolutely flip for this fun and fantasy-filled look. It’s a clever costume that puts your child right in the heart of the action (and trust us, there’s plenty of action to be had). Maybe she wants to wear this Toddler Girl Belle Ride On Costume and replay her favorite scenes from the film, or maybe she feels like using her imagination to dream up new, daring adventures for her and her horse, Philippe!Either way, she will have ultimate fun this Halloween as she gallops around the neighborhood on her trusty steed. Maybe the whole family is dressing in a Disney theme, or maybe she’s simply living out her fantasy in this costume. And if she won’t take it off at the end of the night, remind her what Belle eventually learns: that it doesn’t matter what’s outside, it’s what inside that counts!Product DetailsThis is a cool costume that turns your toddler into Belle, herself, riding on the back of Philippe, the horse! But in actuality, your child has simply slid her legs into Philippe’s hind ones, and the stuffed horse accessory lends the rest of the illusion. She still gets to wear Belle’s signature yellow gown as she gallops through the woods, outruns the wolves, saves Maurice, and makes it back to the Beast in time to be his dinner guest!Belle of the Costume BallKnowing that your child is getting to live out her dreams ought to be enough to make this Halloween the best yet! But seeing her take top prize in the costume competition, well, that’s just icing on the cake!