Toddler German Girl Costume


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When we say Germany most people think the Disney castle. The picturesque mountains that are on Hallmark cards, and in paintings. We imagine little girls in colorful dirndl dresses, and boys in lederhosen. We picture loud houses, and lots of children. Basically the imagery of the Sound of Music. Okay, we aren’t going to lie, we also imagine the singing.All those things that we imagined though, are Bavarian things. Sure, Bavaria is part of Germany. But the people who live there identify as Bavarian first, then German. This is where you will find the Disney castle. All those beautiful mountain ranges, that look as if they came out of a fantasy novel. As if they have a dragon hiding beneath them guarding a pile of gold. And the Sound of Music actually takes place in Austria, in a town that borders Bavaria.So, be prepared when your town throws their annual Stiftungsfest (for all of us who are not German, that means Founder’s Festival). Buy your little girl this Toddler German Girl Costume, just remember it is actually Bavarian. And as she dances, and sings with the other children, you can tell your friends all about Bavaria. With its castles, mountains, and the close by place where they filmed the Sound of Music. Your daughter will be sure to have fun with the other kids in dirndl dresses, and lederhosen.