Toddler/Child Snow Leopard Costume


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Is your little tyke as obsessed with cats as we are? With their cute little paws and long squirmy tails… don’t even get us started on the whiskers! Sure, cats can be a bit picky when it comes to playing nicely (we don’t think they like being put in strollers that much), but who doesn’t love those cuddly little fur-balls? There’s a certain sleek sassy side to every feline, and it’s hard not to appreciate their confidence.So we totally understand why your kids adore them. SO FLUFFY. Sorry. Getting side-tracked again. But beyond just simple house cats, there’s the raw power and majesty of the big cats… who are also super fluffy! Tigers, lions, panthers, leopards! We love them all too, even though we can’t have them for pets (something about them being giant killing machines) but whatever. We can appreciate from afar. That doesn’t mean we can’t show off our love! So can your little one with this Toddler/Child Snow Leopard Costume! This costume is a white dress with a leopard print and faux fur trim. The hood has ears, the strings have pompoms, and the dress has an attached tail. There’s also fuzzy white boot covers. That’s right! Your kid can be fluffy too! Just don’t be surprised if they start clawing up the furniture.