Tipsy Elves American Flag Women’s Leggings


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Get all AmericaThe time has arrived! It’s time to get all America up in here. You know what we’re talking about. U-S-A! U-S-A! Let’s get everybody fired up!Don’t feel like leading the chant? That’s okay. Just say it with your legs. When you wear these Tipsy Elves Women’s American Flag Leggings!Product DetailsThese Women’s American Flag Leggings come from funky apparel company Tipsy Elves, and they’re designed to be simply stunning. Because they have a printed pattern of the American Flag! They’re made with 60 percent polyester, 30 percent cotton, and 10 percent elastic for just the right feel and just the right amount of stretch. They have a soft, comfortable fit, and they’re machine washable, too!Wear the flag. All over!This Tipsy Elves Leggings Set is going to have you dressed to impressed, in the stars and stripes. They’ll look great when you’ve got a patriotic theme planned. Wear it with a flag top to match, or with a USA vest, or even with an Uncle Sam costume. You’re sure to stand out at the big 4th of July Party, or for whatever other patriotic occasion you’ve got coming up!