The Toy Story Adult Buzz Lightyear Classic Costume


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MAGIC OF IMAGINATIONEver wonder exactly how the toys of Toy Story manage to come to life? Were they simply always that way or did something happen? Well, Pixar has given us a pretty extensive world that is not only filled with interesting lore but is also clearly linked together. So, we can turn to a few other places to give us some clues. We know that the emotions of children are a highly potent energy source, especially anything that makes them happy. We also know that toys have an instinctive drive to stick with their kids so they can keep playing with them for years and years to come. Clearly, that means that it is the imagination and love of kiddos that brings a toy to life. But, does it have to be limited just to children? What about the rest of us grown-ups that are still kids at heart? Aren’t our dreams and aspirations worth anything? Can’t our imagination be just as colorful? Well, if you ask any of the folks here at our office, we can say for certain that imagination is the stuff of magic… and we’re about to help you bring your favorite toy to life! PRODUCT DETAILSGet ready to join the ranks of the Space Rangers when you fly into this classic Buzz Lightyear costume. This officially licensed look is a jumpsuit that is printed to look just like Buzz’s set of space armor. The white bottoms feature a hem of green. The midsection has Buzz’s black utility belt. The top is designed to look like the chest plate, complete with buttons and switches as well as that lovely splash of purple! Pull up the fabric hood and just try not to say, “To Infinity and Beyond!” We dare you!NOT JUST FOR KIDS!Nobody ever said that Toy Story was just for the kiddos, so you can enjoy your Buzz Lightyear just as much. Of course, just imagine how much the tykes are going to love you in this getup. So, it’s probably great for both situations!