The Skeleton Cobra


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Hey, Who’s playing the Flute?You might be able to tell that this cobra has been deceased for a while. It passed away peacefully in its sleep almost 60 years ago, in fact! When a naturalist discovered the snake’s skeleton, still completely intact, he picked it up to display in a glass case in his fancy-schmancy office. The snake didn’t mind. The naturalist hosted parties, gave lectures, and played loud music through the years and the snake didn’t stir. But one day, when the naturalist was sitting in his high-backed leather chair, looking at Autobahn illustrations and listening to traditional Berber music and as soon as a flute solo floated through the speakers, a rattle came from the glass case in which the Cobra was resting. The naturalist paled and turned to see the dead snake dancing to the music. Sometimes you’re simply bound to feel the beat!Product DetailsThis long, boney Cobra will make a macabre impression in any spooky display! Aged looking vertebrates are sure to send shivers down everyone else’s spine. The Cobra head has vicious looking teeth and has a hood framing the skull. The prop comes in two pieces and is easily assembled. With a moveable head and tail, you can pose this Cobra just right for a perfectly creepy display!