The Price is Right Showcase Showdown Costume


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The Costume is RightYou remember the best time of the day, don’t you? We’re talking about those childhood days when you were “sick”. You’d get to skip school and stay home with mom or dad. The best time of those days was when it was the Showcase Showdown on the timeless show “The Price is Right”!You’d be on the edge of your seat watching the amazing prizes being shown to the contestants. Remember deciding which of the prizes you would take? How about acting like you knew how much the new cars and destination vacations would be worth? Those were the good old days.You may think they’ve come and gone but we’ve got just what you need to bring them back this Halloween. The Price is Right Showcase Showdown costume is just what you need to relive those amazing times. In fact, they’ll be even better when it looks like you are finally living your dream. You finally made it on your favorite game show. Not only that, you made it to the final stage!Product DescriptionIt may be difficult to make it to the Showcase Showdown but tossing on this costume couldn’t be easier. It is a simple two-piece getup. The polyester podium simply ties around your waist. It is made for one size to fit almost anybody. Besides that, you’ll also be equipped with a classic The Price is Right nametag. Write your name on the tag, wear whatever you want along with the costume, and you are ready to celebrate Halloween the Showcase way.We Bid You FarewellRun around the party guessing the prices on anything and everything you see. “Five dollars, Bob.” Sure it may be your neighbors’ swimming pool but if no one has a better guess, you win and the pool is yours! Got to love The Price is Right rules.