The Lost Princess Women’s Costume


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The Vanished PrincessAcross the ocean, in a distant kingdom, the king and queen mourn. Loyal subjects weep. The princess, the rightful ascendant to the throne, has disappeared – whisked away in the night by enemies of the royal family. Years have passed without a sign, and no heir has appeared to claim her place as future ruler. Usurpers close in on all sides and hope looks dim.Little does the grieving kingdom know that their princess has grown up strong and well, full of nobility and grace. She was saved from her enemies by a renegade warrior (think Obi-Wan Kenobi, but more tan) and he raised her to know everything he knows about fighting and cunning. Seeing her natural nobility, he has long wondered if the waif he rescued is more than she appears. Now, she is sailing home as part of a merchant company, unaware that a glorious future awaits her when she reaches the port!Product DescriptionA royal welcome will be yours when you wear this Women’s The Lost Princess costume! You may have lost your kingdom, but you haven’t lost your fashion sense. An iridescent blue bandeau top may not be the most practical choice for travelling, but as a lost princess it’s important to be eye-catching. How will your subjects spot you at all if you are hidden under a brown peasant cloak? The top pairs perfectly with its matching turquoise miniskirt, which features a peach strip along the bottom and a shiny sash that hangs down in the front. Pair it with a gold armband and splurge on some gold stilettos: No one will be able to lose track of you again!A Reclaimed HeirThroughout your exile, you always felt that you were meant to be a princess. The cheers of your loyal subjects simply confirm what you knew in your heart to be true. The existence of a hunky betrothed certainly doesn’t hurt! Step up and claim your inheritance, knowing that you’re already dressed for the part.