The Flash Premium Men’s Costume


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Acquiring Superhero StatusWe were total fools. We spent countless hours researching it. We hung out in laboratories every chance we got. We even stood next to a particle accelerator in the middle of an intense thunderstorm. We still haven’t been granted any superpowers and we still have no idea how to tap into the Speed Force. We spent all of that time trying to get superpowers like Barry Allen… and then we found out how foolish we had been. It turns you that you don’t actually need superpowers in order to wear a superhero outfit! Once we learned that, it was easy for us to live out our dream of becoming The Flash.To look like The Flash, all you need is a costume. It’s that simple. You don’t need to hang out in weird science labs and you don’t need to get struck by lightning or anything weird like that! This Premium Flash costume, which is licensed from the CW television series, is exactly what you need.Product DetailsThis dark burgundy ensemble is designed to look like the one worn by Barry Allen. It has printed details all over it and it even has faux leather patches on the chest and arms. The jacket has a zipper in the front and it also has a lightning bolt symbol. The suit also has plenty of yellow accents that pop for a hint of color. Of course, the mask covers your face and has openings for your mouth and eyes.Jogging OutfitThis outfit might not make you give you a connection to the Speed Force, but it will make you feel fit enough to do battle with The Thinker or Killer Frost. Who knows? It might inspire you to run a little faster when you wear it during your afternoon jog!