The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Adult Purse


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MONSTER AT YOUR SIDEWhenever you’re wandering through the dark caverns of life, it’s bound to get a little scary. Who knows what those noises are and you know it is only going to get worse once you actually lay eyes on the things that are making them!That’s why we like to go the way of Kira from The Dark Crystal and keep a loyal (and fuzzy) buddy as close to the hip as we can. Not only does it offer companion comfort, but it can be a nice, soft stress reliever in those dreadful times. DESIGN & DETAILSKeep Fizzgig along for the ride wherever you go with this Fizzgig Purse, fully licensed from The Dark Crystal, and personally raised by our own monster tamers. The purse is fully functional with a 9-inch height and a 7-inch looped wrist strap. The interior lining keeps your stuff safe while the embroidered eyes, nose, and felt teeth will give you all the comfort of the real growling Fizzgig!GET READY TO ROARAll creatures in Thra know that the mighty roar of a Fizzgig means business. So, be sure to keep all your own business in safe, roaring order with this Fizzgig Purse.