Terminal Latex Applique Accessory


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Insane InnovationThere’s a lot of debate about “How far is too far?” when we’re discussing humans and technological innovation. There are a lot of stories based on how different fictional characters or cultures deal with it. Some of them have a more optimistic science fiction approach, detailing how technology will help us solve so many problems in our everyday lives. Others are more of a warning, talking about how taking these devices too far turn the world into a dystopia. Both approaches make for fascinating plotlines, and either way, you can come up with a character who just plain looks really cool, regardless of their background.Product DetailsIf you’re interested in creating your own technologically enhanced character, check out this Terminal Latex Applique. It will give you the appearance of having a robotic eye and modified skull showing through the torn skin on your face. It’s the perfect detail to add to any cyborg, zombie, or robot costume. (And it will work for your cyborg zombie robot costume, too!) This piece, although it’s made of latex, is a little more high-tech than a typical sticker. You will need spirit gum to keep it on and adhesive remover to get it off (both sold separately.) We know you’ll enjoy wearing this applique for all your technologically advanced characters!