Teen Living Dead Costume


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Has your teen’s eyes started to gloss over? Does she walk and talk a little bit differently than usual? We have bad news…it’s not just a stage. There is no need to be alarmed, but we believe she has simply joined the growing army of the living dead. How do we know? We’ve been keeping up with undead fashion lately, and this ensemble is sure to turn heads—hopefully none of them will fall off in the process.We think this Teen Living Dead Costume will be the perfect outfit to stand out in the horde. It’s actually the ultimate in undead style right now. We bet she’d die of embarrassment if she couldn’t wear the latest in zombie fashion. There aren’t exactly malls for these kind of clothes, usually they’re distressed by zombies walking around oblivious to their surroundings. Imagine what kind of work is involved in creating this Teen Living Dead Costume. It’s not easy!Speaking of fashion, this ensemble is incredibly easy to wear…even a zombie won’t have any trouble at all. All she just needs to toss on the tattered black and gray dress and then she can complete her tattered transformation with the torn up tights. She’ll be the most stylish zombie anyone has ever seen. Next, she’ll need an undead makeover—which is every zombie girl’s dream! Pick up some zombie FX makeup and soon she’ll look like she “turned” quite some time ago and just finished munching on some fresh flesh, but she’ll look like the cutest most stylish zombie on the block. Just make sure to watch your back when you’re driving her to the party.