Teen Killer Clown Costume | Scary Halloween Costume


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Remember back in the day, when you’d cut some holes into a sheet, toss it over your head and it was considered scary? Well, those days are dead and gone. That just doesn’t cut it any more if you’re really trying to put a fright into your family and friends. Do you know what the pinnacle of terrifying these days is? Clowns. That’s right. Clowns. Just imagine it for a second. That pale white face, that distorted smiling face, that creepy makeup—nothing is quite as fear inducing as a clown. Then, this Killer Clown costume for teens decided to take it to the next level.This clown costume has many small details that add up to one freaky look. Normally clowns are known for their wacky colors. This one exchanged the rainbow colors for a darker black and white color scheme that’s reminiscent of an old horror movie. The collar looks like any clown collar, but it’s a pitch black color that adds to the increasing horror. The final piece to this costume is what truly makes this costume terrifying. The mask features a dreary black and white color scheme and has a grotesque smile molded into it. A deep gash is also molded into the forehead for a gruesome touch. And you won’t find a cheery little red hat on top of this clown’s head. The top of the mask has a black top hat attached to, putting the final touch on the look.If you want your kid to be the scariest one on the block, then he’s going to need this Killer Clown costume. It truly is the most frightening thing to hit our site!