Teen Hot Dog Costume


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Where do hot dogs come from? Kid, trust us – that is a question you DON’T want ask! Sometimes, it’s just better to accept things as they are and not ask too many questions about what their origin story is, dig?And yeah, we get it – you’re at a time in your life when you’re all, “Why is it that way? What for? Why should I?” Questioning authority is cool, but you know what it also is? Totally freaking annoying. Trust us – when you grow up, you’re gonna realize that that teacher who keeps telling you to question everything isn’t as cool as you think he is right now. Sure, he teaches a cool class and wants you guys to call him by his first name, but let’s ask the other teachers if he gets invited to any of their parties. Probably not! Wanna know why? Because sometimes, you just gotta decide if it’s more important to ask why something is, or if it’s cooler to just let stuff be. Cause everyone thinks they’re smarter than everyone else, and the only people who are really smarter than everyone know that sometimes it’s okay to just chill for a second and maybe decide that it’s okay to trust that someone else actually knows what they’re doing. Like, say, making hot dogs! You don’t wanna know. You think you do, but you don’t, and once you find out, you’ll never look at a hot dog or this super sweet and totally hilarious Teen Hot Dog Costume ever again. So why ruin that for yourself? Why turn what is arguably the only redeeming feature of going to a baseball game and the one costume you can get a lot of laughs from without having to put a lot of effort into it into something that you can’t handle anymore? You don’t! So just wear this super sweet costume, order an extra long dog, Chicago style (don’t put ketchup on it, though. It doesn’t need it and you’ll look dumb if you do), and worry about the big stuff…like, why do girls always have to go to the bathroom together? (Psst: It’s because they’re talking about you and your super rad Teen Hot Dog Costume! The End.)