Tattered Skeleton Women’s Poncho Costume


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The Amazing Skele-Poncho!Are you ready for a product that’s so mind-bendingly amazing that you’ll barely even believe your eyes? Do you want to amaze friends and family alike with some Halloween style that’ll knock it out of the park? Are you ready for a costume that’s one-part costume and one-part fashion statement? We just have one more question for you… how do you feel about ponchos? If the answers is “they’re totally awesome and I’d wear one as my costume” then you’re in for a real treat!Of course, we love ponchos and that’s why we’re excited to show you this Tattered Skeleton Poncho Costume for women. We’ve been affectionately referring to it as the “Skele-Poncho” around the office. If you have a natural love for ponchos like us, then you’re going to love this spooky-themed top!Product DetailsThis Skele-Poncho (or Tattered Skeleton Poncho Costume for women if you go by what the manufacturers want us to call it) is both simple and stylish. The costume poncho fits over your head like a regular poncho, but it has the printed image of a human ribcage on the front and back, with plenty of creepy dark shadowing. Just toss it on over a tank top and pair it up with your own set of leggings to make a Halloween costume in an instant!The Dance PonchoThis Skele-Poncho is extremely versatile! Depending on how you accessorize with it, you can turn it into a full-fledged costume or use it to create a Halloween inspired style for your next costume party. We recommend pairing it up with some skeleton makeup or some of our skeleton themed leggings to really add some flair to the look. And with a simple design, it doesn’t restrict movement, making it a great look for any Halloween dance party!