Tattered Skeleton Girl’s Poncho Costume


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Poncho LoveOh, ponchos! How we love thee! Yes, we just have a hard time containing our excitement about ponchos. It might seem like a weird thing to get it excited about, but we really do just love them that much. They have a simple design, they’re fun to wear and they fit most body types, and they even provide a free range of movement. That’s perfect for things like trick-or-treating! It’s the perfect outfit for just about any occasion. Of course, the OTHER thing that we love just as much as ponchos is Halloween. That’s why we have all these awesome costumes… and when we found out about a costume that combined the delightful nature of the poncho with the festive and scary style of Halloween, we just knew that we HAD to have it.This Tattered Skeleton Poncho Costume for girls (or the Skele-Poncho as we’ve all been calling it around the office) is basically a dream come true for poncho-lovers. It’s a look that combines cute with spooky for a truly unique experience!Product DetailsThis simple costume gives your girl a costume that’s both cute and scary at the same time! The costume comes with a white, over-the-head style poncho. The edges of the poncho have a tattered, jagged style to give it a spooky, Halloween feel. Of course, the best part about this costume has to be the printed skeleton pattern with a full ribcage on the front back, which gives your child a quick and easy skeletal look, perfect for any costume party. Just pair it up with some leggings and a comfy t-shirt for a unique costume!New Skeleton SpinIf your girl wants a skeleton costume with a completely different spin on the classic look, then this Tattered Skeleton Poncho Costume is a perfect choice.