Talking Jabberin’ Jack Pumpkin Prop




Carvin’ Out ConvosIt’s not every day you meet a pumpkin with a personality! But as soon as you brought Jabberin’ Jack home from the patch, your front porch got a lot more lively! You would think that a  haunted jack-o-lantern would always be scary but that’s just not the case. He’s the kind of guy you want to sit on the porch swing with while you swap stories and sip on hot cider. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or simply want a way to greet trick-or-treaters, this chummy jack-o-lantern prop is sure to be a happy guest in your home for many Halloweens to come!Product DetailsJabberin’ Jack has a projector on the interior that runs three different animated faces. No need to carve or add a candle, just plug him in and watch him come to life! He sings, tells “bad” Halloween jokes, and greets trick-or-treaters. Hit the skip mode to get to scarier P-G-rated pumpkin personas. Hit it again and the jack-o-lantern will tell all the dad jokes. The final mode is the musical mode with original Jack-o-lantern songs. The cord is two feet long and runs the projector lights and built-in speaker. Be sure and display this gourd in a place he won’t get wet. Light-weight and unique, this pumpkin is sure to be the “king” of your Halloween decor!