Tabletop Halloween Skull Head w/ Bowtie Treat Bowl


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Keeping it TrickyThe Halloween season always keeps us on our toes. You just never know what’s going to pop up next. Walk your dog through the neighborhood in the morning and all you’ll see is trees with colorful leaves and innocent front porches, take your dog on another walk in the afternoon and you might be surprised by a coffin in Mr. Thompson’s front yard or a giant spider that’s hunkered down on a huge rope web kitty-corner from the library. Bring the fun of Halloween wandering indoors with this delightful candy bowl. When people come to visit they’ll be delighted to spot this wild and playful skull head. Fill it with your favorite treats and maybe visitors will give you tips on the newest ghouls hanging out around the neighborhood!Product DetailsThis candy bowl is super friendly, the eyes are ready to make eye contact with passers-by, tempting them to take a treat or two. Skeleton hands hold the head like it’s casually waiting for a little attention. With a little bowtie and an orange base, this bowl is great for accenting entry tables and teacher’s desks alike. Stop any sneaky tricks by jumping ahead with cute treats!