SWAT Team Costume Vest


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Suave SquadWe have to hand it to the SWAT Team. When it comes to looking cool, they’ve got it down! They roll up to any mission, completely decked out in black duds, complete with tons of gadgets and gear. Something about that look just seems to make any guy look awesome. Well, if you’re looking for that kind of style, then this SWAT Team Costume Vest is exactly what you want. Pair it up with a pair of your own black pants and you’ll have an instant costume to wear to any party.Product DetailsThis SWAT Team Costume Vest helps you look like one smooth operator. It comes with a fully lined vest that fits with a zipper in the front. You can adjust the fit with buckled straps on the sides. Of course, a real member of the SWAT team needs to have plenty of tools and gadgets to get through a mission, so this vest comes with multiple pockets on the front for storing your must-have tools. It comes with various patches that can be attached to the vest to customize your look. It also comes with moveable pockets, which can be placed on the vest in different places.