Susan B Anthony Kids Costume


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Action HeroIn comic books, superheroes save the day quickly. There’s a big “Pow” followed by a “Kurthwop” and “Yoink”. But for real-life heroes, the fight lasts a lot longer than a panel. Often, the fight lasts a lifetime. For Susan B Anthony, that fight started when she attended a suffragette event with her family and the age of twenty-eight. She was instantly inspired. Soon, she was the one making speeches but that’s not all. She wrote articles, organized marches, and eventually, she was arrested for defying authority and casting her ballot in an election. Some people would have assumed going to jail would stop a proper Victorian woman but Susan knew her arrest simply brought more attention to her cause. Susan B Anthony didn’t let anyone or anything stop her until her death in her late eighties. If fifty-eight years of devoted social action doesn’t make you an action hero, what does?Design & DetailsThe perfect way to celebrate Susan B. Anthony’s cause, this suffragette costume would have looked right at place on the streets of 19th Century New York. Designed by our creative team, this dress zips up the back yet has historical details that any young history buff will delight in such as the decorative buttons up one side of the skirt and the ruffled high neckline. A purple and green banner with “Votes for Women” is draped over the bodice and a matching button is attached to the breast. A wide brim hat finishes the whole look off, making sure that your little suffragette is ready to march, no matter the weather. Girl PowerIf your child loves the women leaders of history, celebrating Susan B. Anthony is a great place to start. A great costume for school projects, Victorian fairs, and even Halloween, your child is sure to do Susan proud as she continues to fight for the rights of women around the world!